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A little bit about us... madebyGreenBerry was started as hobby a few years ago. We started making wish bracelets, this quickly evolved into Stacking Bracelets and Necklaces. Since then we've added lots of other pretty items to our collections, which we feel only enhance our items.

Most recently madebyGreenBery_personalised has been added to the family. This part of the business offers personalised gifts, from jewellery boxes, to sweatshirts. Don't see what you are looking for, drop us a message - we are always happy to take on new items.

All that's left to say is welcome! We really hope you find what you are looking for, if you can't quite see what you are after, please feel free to contact us, using the form below (scroll down a teeny bit), we am sure we will be able to help you find that special something.

Thanks for stopping by.


This range is growing everyday, whats you favourite?

We hand make beautiful Sterling Silver Stacking Bracelets and necklaces, which we sell alongside lots of other pretty jewellery.

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